About Us

We are 707lifestyle. This lifestyle was coined way back in 2013. 707 is the time of the day when we drop everything to communicate and express affection. Given the technological advancement and social media, we thought that we need time off from this ecosystem.

We're physically fit, doing Nike training club exercises together almost thrice a week.

Though fit, we’ve episodes of flu which hinders our way of life. While sick, we’ve discovered to recover with the help of natural remedies. My partner is pharmacist by profession and it’s quite hard to influence an expert to a way of life that she is not accustomed to and besides, she’s the mastery of all medicines and its indications.


In October of 2013, I was down with flu and her recommendation is to see a doctor and buy the prescribed medicines. What I did? Researched on natural antibiotic then I saw myself drinking 3-4 minced garlic with honey and a glass of lime juice.

Did it three times a day every after meal and after 2 days, amazingly my flu and phlegm (green, ewww) were gone. My pharmacist partner became a believer and that was the start of our natural healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you love products of 707lifestyle as much as we do. We’re happy to share the natural products that we use and to make them available to healthy people who want to go Natural.